Welcome to EVM AG.

Our mission is very simple: We want to support change. Change from legacy energy systems to modern state-of-the art electrics and electronics - for a broad variety of sectors - public as well as private.

The range of our products include ELECTRIC DRIVE and LOGISTICS - from trucks to busses as well as smalll range solutions like our self-developed ELDRI - all units are available electric drive only or hybrid or hydrogen powered.

There are 1.4 Billion Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) in use on a global scale at the moment. This market will grow up to 2 Billion units in 2035. The combined CO2 output poses enormous challenges for all countries worldwide. At EVM AG we are dedicated to track the following targets:

  • locations for innovation and production in Europe
  • secure high quality jobs and preserve purchasing power
  • improve economical and ecological aspects of freight, cargo and transportation
  • easing the pressure on the energy production sector

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We are general distributor of big brands and deliver our in house developed solutions for the transition to renewable, sustainable and clean energy usage.

We represent the following brands - local distributorships for specific markets will be set up within short period: AOTOM, ZTE, DongFeng, ANKAI, CHANGAN, Soueast/Fujimotors, WEICHAI/AsiaStar, KLM, ELDRI, JAC, SINOPOLY.

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